President Barack Obama

Posted by Katherine | January 20, 2009 – 1:28 pm

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States.

About two million people watched the inauguration from the Mall, and just as soon as they unfreeze their fingers, they’ll surely be posting their photos and videos and thoughts.

Those watching at home or work are already uploading.

Mmmmarshall of Evanston, Illinois, watched on TV as Obama (or was it Chief Justice Roberts?) broke the tension by fumbling the oath ever so slightly. [Update 20 Jan 09: They both flubbed a bit.] [Update 21 Jan 09: Or perhaps it was all Roberts.] [Update 21 Jan 09: Roberts and Obama officially redid the oath of office today just to be 100% sure that Obama is actually president!]

Obama swearing in
[mmmmarshall / Flickr]

Tony Lynch from Edmonton in Canada stayed home from work to watch the inaugural address.

Watching inaugural address
[odeamon / Flickr]

Tony felt it was “wonderful speech and such an amazing moment in American history.”


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