Getting To and From the Inauguration

Posted by Katherine | January 22, 2009 – 8:49 am

People walked, biked, and took the metro to the inauguration. Very slowly. Some were out and about at 5:00 am or earlier. Some inched slowly for hours on foot through tunnels. Some got to the Mall early and took a nap.

Cheerful volunteers in red hats were directing the flow of people all morning. Dreamsmall, originally from DC but now living in London, was probably wearing one of those hats:

i volunteered for the 56th quadrennial Presidential Inauguration. i was between 12th and 14th streets on jefferson drive, near the smithsonian castle. incredible.

Hat or no hat, s/he was out there steering the crowd at dawn:

[dreamsmall / Flickr]

Dreamsmall says the experience was “one of the most insane things i will ever see in my life. they just kept coming & coming & coming. our job was just to point them in the right direction & welcome them. everyone was so happy & excited.”

Others, like Dalyn Montgomery, a chess-, rugby-, and Bob Marley-loving artist, were a bit more frustrated. He couldn’t get through security even though he had a ticket:

[brohammas / Flickr]

It’s seems that Dalyn never did get through but was able to hear the ceremony on someone’s portable TV. One big positive: new friends from all over the country!

After the inauguration, people turned around and flooded the metro again and walked out along highways.


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