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Posted by Genevieve | April 3, 2008 – 5:35 pm
Genevieve Sponsler
[Genevieve Sponsler]

1. What part of the country do you live in?
I relocated to Massachusetts last fall to work for PRX, but I’m originally from D.C. suburbia.

2. Why are you interested in Web 2.0 and the election?
I got interested in the possibilities of the Web from my summer internships during college. At, the interns could sit in on meetings about the future of internet news, and a lot of the discussion involved using the internet to create community and get people involved in their world.

My enthusiasm for the election comes from paying attention to politics my whole life. I have my parents to thank for making sure that I took advantage of my location growing up. They always took me downtown for political events and we talked politics at dinner, plus I started every morning with The Washington Post. I recently graduated college with a degree in government.

3. What candidates/issues/other aspects of the campaign particularly interest you?
I am so excited that this election has gotten young people interested in politics. During the fall 2006 elections, I was totally distraught to learn that several of my friends had no idea there was even an election going on. Granted, it wasn’t a presidential election, but young people don’t know enough about politics and don’t realize that who they elect (or don’t) really matters. (It even irks me that “apathetic” is a choice for political affiliation in Facebook.)

Issue-wise, I really care about the environment, figuring out a solution to the Iraq War, and fixing the economy.

4. What kind of work or studies are you involved in?
I work for PRX as the help desk-er and as an editorial assistant.

5. What do you like to do in your free time?
I take a lot of ballet and dabble in international dance (Indian and African dance are especially fun). I also play cello.

6. Who is your favorite Beatle?
I’m not sure if I could choose. But, while we’re on the subject, if you ever get the chance to see Trey McIntyre Project perform “A Day in the Life,” don’t pass it up!


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