Co-Curator: Larissa Zhou

Posted by Larissa | April 4, 2008 – 3:06 pm
Larissa Zhou
[Larissa Zhou]

I’m a PRX intern and will be helping out with BallotVox. I hail originally from China, but have lived in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California. I’ve spent the most time in Mountain View, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. I’m psyched about joining the BallotVox team because this November will be my first voting presidential election. And it’s such an exciting election! I think this is the first time that citizen journalism, especially on the web, is so integrated into the election coverage, and I’m happy to come along for the ride. I’m a sophomore at Harvard, studying physics and earth and planetary sciences. It’s a stretch from pubradio and politics, but both journalists and physicists are infinitely curious about the world and want to find out why things/people behave the way they do. I love radio, which is why I joined PRX, and I’m also a reporter and classical DJ for WHRB, my campus radio station. I love anything related to food — cooking it, eating it, reading about it, buying it, traveling to find it. I have a major sweet tooth and have baked a lot. Favorite Beatle? I don’t have a favorite Beatle, but I have eaten a cicada, which is an insect but not related to the beetle at all, and that’s all that I can think of with regard to this topic…


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