Clinton or Obama: Who Cares More?

Posted by Katherine | April 10, 2008 – 12:37 pm

Another find from Ann Raber. This card was sent with apparent fondness from a Republican dad in Florida to a Democratic daughter in Texas. The daughter’s note below the photo describes previous teasing in which dad sold daughter his truck and delivered it outfitted it with Bush memorabilia.

Clinton and Obama cartoon
[cmt2779 / Flickr]

The birthday girl writes:

The inside of the card continues their debate as Clinton says, “Happy birthday!” and Obama says, “Happier birthday!”–then the card text reads, “Don’t you just love democracy?” My dad’s added commentary says, “I thought this too real” and, again after a personal note, “Don’t know how to vote this year.” (He doesn’t like McCain and of course can’t vote for a Democrat.)

If you’re going to fight over politics with your family, this seems like a pretty fun way to do it.


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