2008 or 1964?

Posted by Katherine | April 10, 2008 – 1:15 pm

In the crowd at a John McCain rally in Prescott, Arizona (via Misa Dayson). It’s not clear whether the man is lost in time or sending McCain some kind of message…

Goldwater signs
[PaisleyPitbull / Flickr]

In another picture from the same rally, you can see people dressed in what appear to be pioneer-era costumes — so maybe there was some kind of loose historical theme.


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  2. About this rally….I’ll admit it’s possible that I could’ve zoned out and missed something, but I never heard John McCain say a single thing about his own ideas, opinions, policies or what he plans to do for us as president. His speech was more like a an oral biography of Barry Goldwater and Mo Udall. It was all about the past…and some folks in the crowd appeared to be stuck in the same time warp as McCain.

    By Steph on Apr 12, 2008

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