Sweet on Clinton or Obama?

Posted by Katherine | April 14, 2008 – 9:12 am

In a bakery somewhere near Philadelphia, a sweet proxy campaign is underway. You get to choose a Hillary cookie or an Obama cookie. Or, in total infringement on democracy, both. (Thanks, Ann Raber!)

Hillary and Obama cookies
[Apuch / Flickr]

As of two weeks ago, Barack was winning the bakery race, but only because his campaign cheated and bought a stack of the Obama biscuits.


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  2. Thank you. Thank you. We have been selling these cookies for a couple of weeks now and will post the results just before the election. So far the cookie count is Obama 515 to Hillary 375 on cookie sales. I will go upstairs after my boys give up the desktop and post the other cookies and cake that we brought to the first night of the Colbert Report at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

    As far as cheating goes the Hillary people have also bought cookies in multiples and when Senator Kennedy visited the Trolley Car Diner just down the street he did not stop by to buy cookies :-(. We gave him some of course just because he has done so much for working people like us. There is no limit to how many cookies people can buy to support their candidate so some people come in and buy both for their particular social party. So, one should take our count as very informal. I like both candidates personally but am more in favor of Obama because, like most of us, I just get a better feeling about him. Hey, I am a baker so what do I know :-))).

    By John on Apr 16, 2008

  3. Hi John: It’s great to know more about the whole story. We’d love it if you’d post your final tally here, too!

    By Katherine on Apr 17, 2008

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