Self-Portrait: A “Bitter” American

Posted by Katherine | April 16, 2008 – 1:53 pm

Kurt Womack from Prescott, AZ, describes himself as a “proud ‘typical white person’ NRA member and talk radio listener.” He was not happy about Obama’s remark about bitter small towners clinging to religion and guns. This self-portrait (found by James Mills) is his response:

Man holding Bible and gun
[89AKurt / Flickr]

In describing the photo, he says:

This country was founded on principles found in that big book I’m clinging to.

Obama wants to ban guns, the greatest equalizer to bitter assholes who want to harm me and/or my family and property.

He also added the picture to Flickr’s humor pool.


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  2. Hi y’all!

    I just wanted to add that I’m bitter the American flag lapel pin was blocked by my right hand.

    By Kurt Womack on Apr 17, 2008

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