Like to Be a Co-Curator?

Posted by Katherine | February 14, 2008 – 4:44 pm

You know you would. If you’re a YouTube junkie, if you’re obsessed with your local community blogs, if you’re always plugged into a podcast, then we want to know you. We’re looking for people all over the country and outside the US to wade into Web 2.0 and help us sift, sort, and select. The basic idea: we want to find posts, pictures, videos, and audio that say something perceptive — from a very local angle — about election issues and candidates. Made by regular people. A video made on a street of foreclosed houses, for example, that adds a dimension to the subprime mortgage crisis. Or a post by someone watching how Mike Huckabee seduces voters as he works a crowd in a school gymnasium.

We want stories from all over that show what gay marriage or healthcare or Barack Obama mean for your community. You can help us find them.

When we feature something you send us, we’ll do it with a grateful, linked hat tip to you. This is your chance to show a global audience that regular Americans are thinking in smart ways about democracy. And, more specifically, a chance to feed content to public radio and public TV, which might use what you’ve found in programming or on websites. You can read how BallotVox figures into the public media “election collaboration” here.

We have 4-5 part-time paid positions and 10-15 volunteer jobs available. To apply, click here.

Update 18 March: We are now only accepting applications for VOLUNTEER positions.

Update 14 April: Our roster is now happily full; we’re no longer accepting applications.


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  2. Hi, I’m the lead moderator of a Vermont election blogging experiment called Exit Voices. Our mission is to be a clearing house of Vermont perspectives on the election. This Tuesday is the Vermont presidential primary (along with Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island). It’s also Vermont’s Town Meeting Day (we’re a little weird in Vermont and we practice this form of direct democracy where we gather in town halls and vote by hand).

    Anyway, Exit Voices will be busy on Tuesday, featuring posts and comments from Vermonters all over the state reporting on their town meetings and discussing the candidates and issues on the ballot. The blog will be active from now until the November election, curating a selection of Vermont voices about the election and the democratic process in general.

    By Bill Simmon on Mar 2, 2008

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