Hello My Name Is

Posted by Katherine | February 14, 2008 – 4:44 pm

A bunch of PRXers are pitching in to get BallotVox off the ground. Jake Shapiro is the mastermind — he dreamed up the BallotVox idea and now, in addition to running PRX, prods me daily to sign up for the latest social media site that he’s discovered on some tech blog. He’s an internet true believer; he knows it will deliver whatever widget we need to build the site.

John Barth checks in daily on IM from St. Louis, where he’s overseeing BallotVox’s sister project, a collection of campaign audio curated (and blogged about) by Charles Lane from NYC. John’s got PubMedia’s back: he makes sure we’re designing BallotVox to be useful not just to everyone out there who’s online and engaged in American politics, but also to public radio and TV stations.

Robert DeBenedictis… well without Robert the sidebar would be lifeless, and I might be too. He’s taking on our wishlist for the site with patience and humor. He also brought Valentine’s chocolate for everyone today.

As for me, I’m dreaming — very literally — about plugins, though I’d still be hard pressed to define what they are. I discovered Web 2.0 (under the tutelage of veteran PRXer Brendan Greeley) as a producer for the public-radio-blog hybrid Open Source. I hope I remember all my logins and passwords.


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