On to Indiana and North Carolina

Posted by Katherine | April 24, 2008 – 10:03 am

Next up for the Democrats: Indiana and North Carolina on May 6th.

Litandmore — Chicagoan, teacher, and library student — has attended a bunch of Hillary rallies and appears to be fired up to take the fight to Indiana. Here he is on his way there before Clinton even won in Pennsylvania (hat tip: Ann Raber):

Hillary supporter self-portrait
[Litandmore / Flickr]

Chris Jaun from Raleigh, NC, expressing a twinge of primary fatigue, seems equally determined to battle it out for Obama in North Carolina (thanks, Sue Salinger):

Mathematically the race is over, as it has been for weeks, but Senator Clinton holds out hope that the super delegates will overrule the will of the voters and hand her the nomination. It is impossible for Senator Clinton to over take Obama in the elected delegate lead or the popular vote. The latest delegate count I’ve seen shows Obama up 1715 to 1588.

I’ve been mostly observing this election from afar the past year and a half, but now its time to get in the game. I will be on the streets for Obama this weekend and next. Its time to end this race, here in North Carolina, on May 6, 2008.

What do you think they’d have to say to each other?


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