More Criticism of PA Democratic Debate

Posted by Katherine | April 24, 2008 – 1:04 pm

These two videos found by Sue Salinger make it worth revisiting last week’s ABC Democratic debate — a debate that has been thoroughly trashed (by Democrats, anyway) for it near-total irrelevance. In this vein, up first: New York hip-hop vlogger Jay Smooth’s mashup of debate footage and Soulja Boy:

And next: hotpotatomash, a Californian blogger who’s been an investment banker, a teacher, and a small-business owner, recorded articulate protesters in Los Angeles. Old and young, they were so frustrated with the Gibson/Stephanopoulos performance that they just had to do, as one woman says, “the most American thing you can do” — stand on a street corner and speak your mind:

Don’t you want to know what happened to all of the lapel pins they handed out?


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