Where’s Abortion?

Posted by Katherine | May 7, 2008 – 2:27 pm

Emily Green, a University of Michigan College Democrat, wonders why abortion has been a sleeper issue so far in Campaign 08 (via Larissa Zhou):

It fascinates me that in one of the most polarizing, controversial, and highly contested elections of the past 30 years, that one of the most polarizing, controversial, and highly contested issues of the past 30 years, Abortion, is no where to be found. […] Why is this? Why is an issue that fires up people more than almost anything else, nearly completely absent from this election?

Maybe its because Obama and Hillary share similar views. Maybe its because McCain wants to maintain his status as a somewhat socially moderate Republican. It just seems strange that in an election where people have such strong opinions on their candidate of choice, the candidates are keeping mum on their opinions on abortion.[…]

Strangely enough, abortion impacts one of the most upfront issues of the election; health care. Should abortion be covered by health care? Many pro-choicers say no. But there isn’t much publicity on the candidates views.

It’s a very good question, this question about abortion’s low profile. Maybe Emily’s guesses are right. Maybe it’s because everyone’s preoccupied with the economy and Iraq/Afghanistan. Maybe everything will change in the general election.


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