The Sidebar

Posted by Katherine | February 19, 2008 – 8:57 pm

The sidebar is, by definition, not supposed to be the focus, right? Unfortunately we’ve been stubbornly preoccupied by ours for the last few days because it’s proving difficult to build. We’ve got a long wiki “wishlist” going for the site, but we’re hung up on “find YouTube ‘favorites’ widget for sidebar.”

Such a simple idea, you’d think: we want to feature a feed of our YouTube favorites. Turns out it’s easy to display your own YouTube videos, but not videos you like made by other people. The one relevant widget we found doesn’t work. So despite Jake’s fervent belief that The Internet Will Provide, Robert and I are having a bit of an agnostic moment. If you have any suggestions, we could sure use them.

In addition to fretting over the sidebar, we’re drawing up a list of editorial criteria for co-curators, trying to think about other aspects of the website, and taking a first quick foray into some Flickr and YouTube content. Flickr’s pretty fruitful pretty quickly, but YouTube-land is woolly. Did we mention that we need your help?


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