Race and Racism in the Race

Posted by Katherine | May 14, 2008 – 6:21 pm

Twenty percent of white West Virginians who voted in yesterday’s Democratic primary said race “influenced their choice.” Two out of every ten. Although Obama’s skin color didn’t appear to be an issue in white Iowa, it does seem to matter in the general Appalachian region. Clinton’s focus on the white working class may be helping her at the moment, but it has also generated some blowback. Jenn is an online bookseller in Brooklyn, NY, a “proud member of the profession that promotes books and reading.” She supported Clinton during her Senate campaign but now is rudely disillusioned (thanks, Ann Raber):

We, Black people, have been the Clinton’s biggest supportors over the years through thick-and-thin. They’ve been in our churches and our college campuses with huge crowds and loud cheers. We were practically the only people who supported them unconditionally during the Lewinsky scandal. We gave them a warm and glowing goodbye at the end of his presidency with gratitude and love. To see them use race politics and to see them dismiss the Black vote the way they have during this campaign is so very hard.

On the subject of race more generally, and how the country should be thinking about it, here are one man’s more positive thoughts (hat tip to Sarolta Cump). Butch is a Christian who vlogs prolifically, often in the company of his young son and sidekick Seth. This zany disquisition on God’s colorblindness could use some edits (and the sound blows out in places), but it also has special effects and somehow sticks with you:

Best line, from Butch’s son Seth: “People ain’t white, they’re tan.”


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