Working-Class Questions for Candidates

Posted by Katherine | May 16, 2008 – 1:24 pm

Jeff “Petro” Petkevicius is running for president. His platform: gas at $1.25 per gallon. Petro is a Katrina survivor living in Ponchatoula, LA, where he works for a water treatment company. He describes himself as a “street savvy” “conservative Jesus Freak” who’s seen a thing or two in life.

Petro and his songwriter wife, Caroline, get their message out to voters by vlogging. In this video, he suggests some questions that voters might want to ask the main presidential candidates. Questions, specifically, about relating to hard-working blue-collar Americans. He digresses in the middle to Clinton’s fighting spirit and the beauty of free speech, but he circles back around towards the end (hat tip to Sarolta Cump):

Nice point about the town-hall meetings.


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