Fake Homemade Signs

Posted by Katherine | February 22, 2008 – 2:33 pm

Washington-state blogger Joshua Longbrake writes about his experience at an overcrowded, spirited Obama rally in Seattle earlier this month. He has this gem of an observation:

It was really fascinating to see the Obama campaign team pass out two types of signs: the first set of signs were professionally made […] The other set looked like they had been made by a group of overly excited junior high cheerleaders. It was obvious that they wanted the television viewers to think that the people in the crowd brought their own homemade signs.

Again: just the kind of insight we’re looking for at BallotVox. It’s a small, concrete story that speaks volumes — in this case, about the way the Obama campaign wishes to be perceived. It is of course possible that the signs really were made by junior-high cheerleaders… but if so, why weren’t they the ones handing them out?


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  2. Wow. I was shocked to hear the same thing happened in Evansville, Indiana…a friend who is in the media at the event mentioned this to me. They handed out signs that had the state of Indiana drawn backwards (to make it look more authentic?? I’ve no idea). Just the idea that they hand out phony signs like that to fool the viewers disgusts me personally.

    By Josh on Apr 24, 2008

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