Kentucky Democratic Primary

Posted by Katherine | May 19, 2008 – 4:05 pm

Tomorrow is Kentucky’s (and Oregon’s) chapter in the Democratic primary saga. Iris, who works on webby stuff for a public library in Paducah, Kentucky, was really excited to go to a Clinton rally in nearby Mayfield. There she spotted this truck reflecting the crowd:

Truck with KY loves Hillary sign
[circulating / Flickr]

Nicholas Stevens, a political science major at Northern Kentucky University, gives another ground-level glimpse of the Kentucky race. He reports on the campaigning by Obama and Clinton (thanks, Misa Dayson) — in flyers and at a festival called Maifest:

[M]y mother has gotten one piece of mail from Obama EVERY day for the last 8-10 days. Clinton campaign has yet to mail anything to her, which is odd because she is a middle aged, white woman who has been a registered nurse for nearly 30 years. White, upper middle class, middle aged and a health care career is a classic Clinton demographic… comes to show how out of money this campaign is. Also, many of my friends are Obama supporters […], they have been contacted by the campaign to go to the festival and hand out stickers and signs. A few have found the time to help out. I went yesterday to soak in all the festivities and the Clinton campaign was there handing out stickers and signs, there were many individuals with stickers on. What must be known though is the fact they are placed in a VERY Republican area, so many will not support either one. I have no idea if the McCain camp will be out in force or not.

A conservative Christian mom and avid Huckabee supporter is appalled by one of those Obama flyers sent out in Kentucky. It shows Obama at a pulpit in front of a church organ and a large white cross; it says, “Committed Christian.” The mom is angry that the media isn’t calling Obama on his religious pandering (thanks again, Misa Dayson):

Mike Huckabee was torn apart by the media and other liberals for wishing us a “Merry Christmas” and for having a bookshelf in the background which some deemed to be a “floating cross”. Nothing “floating” about Obama’s “cross” … where are those who blasted Huckabee repeatedly for not “separating church and state”? Why aren’t they demanding Obama to apologize for putting out campaign material that is so obviously tied to a religion?

– What’s the chance that Obama will use this campaign flyer in California or New Hampshire? Flaunt the cross when it suits you Senator and then hide it when you don’t need it or when it would hurt you? That’s not Christianity or faith … that’s politics and playing a crowd to your benefit. […]

– I am disgusted by this flyer, and I am equally disgusted by the liberal media and other liberals for not crying “FOUL” and demanding separation of church and state. If Mike Huckabee had printed this type of campaign ad, liberals would have nailed him.

Google suggests that the issue has cropped up in mainstream media, but that it hasn’t caught fire.


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  2. That flyer claiming to represent Sen. Obama just might have been designed by a Sen. Hillary spokesperson, as they are very clever. Latest headlines, May 19, 2008 beg the question, could the Clintons be trying to ‘buy’ superdelegate votes? Google:
    Superdelegates Turned Down $1 Million Offer From Clinton Donor. After you are done with that, google Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham,and inform yourself about what the Clintons did in the last days of Bill’s presidency. If Hillary becomes president, you can expect more of the same.

    By Cora on May 20, 2008

  3. Hi Cora: The mainstream media pieces we linked to (here, here, and here) suggest that this flyer is from the Obama campaign.

    By Katherine on May 20, 2008

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