Clinton “Sunset Boulevard” Parody

Posted by Katherine | May 20, 2008 – 10:22 am

Lisa Nova makes videos. A lot of videos. Some of them are about the campaign, and they’re clever. Up first, via Sue Salinger, a sharp parody of the last scene of Sunset Boulevard, with Clinton in the Norma Desmond role:

Nova plays lots of different characters in her videos; in this one she’s a sarcastic intern watching a Democratic debate with an equally feisty Obama intern. (Update 22 May 08: This video is probutcool — see below.)

For more Obama/Clinton squabbling you can check out Nova’s production of two sneering supporters.

(Update 22 May 08: Props to James Mills for his sharp eye: he pointed out that he’d seen the second video we featured here on “Mad TV.” So we researched Lisa Nova to find out more about her pro/am status. Turns out Nova (real name Lisa Donovan) was discovered by “Mad TV” because her YouTube videos were so popular. She only did four episodes with them, however. One of those four episodes — number 1221 — featured the second video in this post. All of Nova’s other political videos appear to be made on an amateur basis. We’ve added a probutcool tag to this post.)


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