Suggestion for John McCain

Posted by Katherine | February 22, 2008 – 1:29 pm

Conservative blogger Sean Hackbarth argued a couple of days ago that John McCain is missing a good opportunity to rally conservatives. In Berkeley, CA, the City Council and antiwar protesters like Code Pink have been resisting the local Marine recruiting office — and Hackbarth points out that McCain, unlike many fellow Republicans, has failed to speak out about it:

Right before our eyes there’s a news event McCain could use to rally conservative critics behind him. Being a former Navy man he has kinship with those Marines. He could not only play off his supporter for the Iraq War surge, but could try to label the protesters as cut-and-runners like Sens. Clinton and Obama.

I did a quick news search and haven’t found a statement from McCain. I went to his website and found zilch there.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee made this good web video:

McCain’s team could do the same. They could even make a commercial with the Senator speaking out against such incivility. Such a message would ring true with conservatives and independents who may not approve of the Iraq War but oppose the tactics of the far Left. […]

McCain has plenty of tools available to use the Marine protests to his advantage in building up his conservative base while not alienating independents. He’s practically sown up the GOP nomination. The opportunity is there.

Sean Hackbarth is a self-described news junkie who appears not to be from Berkeley himself, but he’s an engaged citizen who took the time to do a little research and bring up an interesting idea.


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