Free Speech Cure for Racism

Posted by Katherine | May 30, 2008 – 4:21 pm

Sexism isn’t the only wart on the Democratic primary. Obama’s blackness has of course come up in blatant and derogatory ways. Also in slipperier form from the Clinton campaign: after Hillary won in Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky and brandished her white support, she was accused by many of playing the race card against Obama. Bill Clinton, too, caused an uproar several months before by comparing Obama’s win in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson’s.

Racism reared its head again a couple of weeks ago on some t-shirts circulated by a Georgia bar owner. They portray Obama as a monkey. It’s hard not to suspect racist intent here, though there’s no shortage of blog posts pointing out that Bush has often been compared to a chimp. Rich in Iowa City is certainly outraged by the Obama shirts. And — after some intro footage and throat clearing — he has a rather clever counterplan (thanks, Sarolta Cump):

Are you going to pick up the phone?


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