South Dakota Democratic Primary

Posted by Katherine | June 3, 2008 – 11:59 am

Stefan Hartwig is a web designer in South Dakota who attended a Clinton rally in Dell Rapids over the weekend. He says these two Secret Service agents were “perhaps the most laid back Agents ever… they were just chatting it up” while waiting for Bill and Chelsea Clinton to show up:

Secret Service at Clinton rally in SD
[Stefan Hartwig / Flickr]

Hartwig also travelled the same day to Aberdeen, SD, to an Obama town-hall meeting where he discovered this tricked-out motorbike and sidecar:

Motorbike with Obama signs
[Stefan Hartwig / Flickr]

The motorbike turns out to have a good story:

Apparently this bike belongs to a Minneapolis-based politico with a physical disability who uses it to get around for canvassing. A hipster volunteer from Denver got assigned to partner up with her. Looking at the condition of the sidecar and it’s somewhat homespun appearance, he was a bit leary. Turns out they had a blast together cruising down the interstate from town to town.

It appears the sidecar stayed on the whole time.

While he was in Aberdeen, Hartwig also caught this protester who seems rather unhappy with both of the Democrats:

Anti-Democratic protester in SD
[Stefan Hartwig / Flickr]

Quite a mix of messages in that sign.


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