Tributes to Clinton

Posted by Katherine | June 12, 2008 – 11:14 am

Keight hails from Portland, Oregon, but she apparently photographed this street art in New York City two days after Obama clinched the Democratic nomination. It seems safe to assume the drawing was intended as a tribute to Clinton’s candidacy. (Thanks Ann Raber and James Mills.)

Street drawing of Clinton
[keight / Flickr]

Across the country in Los Angeles, filmmaker and screenwriter David McMillan has been vlogging Campaign 08 voluminously and rather brilliantly. He does it in the guise of various characters — see the sidebar here for the full list. (We featured him once before in his imitation of Princeton professor Cornel West.) McMillan’s “Addison Crenshaw” persona — an opining Englishman (or lockjawed Yankee?) — has much to say about the end of Clinton’s campaign. About what it means to her female supporters whose dreams have once again been trampled by a man (thanks, Sarolta Cump):

Big points to anyone who figures out the real-life inspiration for Addison Crenshaw (if there is one other than McMillan’s fertile imagination).

[Update 12 June 08: John Barth was right. Crenshaw is inspired by William F. Buckley, Jr. — McMillan just confirmed it via email. John gets 10 PRX points.]


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