How Will Clinton Supporters Vote in November?

Posted by Katherine | June 12, 2008 – 6:00 pm

Manny from Orlando, Florida, might be a film student or an ob-gyn, depending on how you read his profile. He is without question, though, a fiery Clinton supporter, and he’s pissed off at Barack Obama. So pissed off that he’s going to vote for McCain in the general election (hat tip to Sarolta Cump):

Julie Ann Dawson from Bellmawr, NJ, is totally confused by people like Manny. She compares the voting records of McCain, Clinton, and Obama and wants to ask the Mannys of the world, “why you would cut off your own nose to spite your face?” (Thanks, James Mills). She elaborates:

I would think that if you were a true Hillary supporter, your concern would not be over wounded pride, but making sure Hillary’s programs are pushed through. Obama shares a lot of her beliefs, and if elected to the White House Hillary would obviously have a lot of influence in Washington. Why, in the name of all that is good and holy, would you disrespect everything she believes in by voting for a man who supports the polar opposite of her agenda?

So what is it, spite? Sure, that is a mature, pro-woman way of handling it. “I’ll show those Democratic leaders. I’ll vote a Republican into office that wants to strip me of my reproductive rights and keep our kids stupid. That will teach them!”

Are we as a culture so stupid, so thin-skinned, so self-absorbed with our own egos, that we would rather throw away everything our favorite candidate believes in just over spite? I want someone to explain this to me.

Gisele in Florida, like Manny, is seething. A Hillary fan and formerly proud Democrat, she felt disenfranchised by the DNC’s Florida/Michigan decision and thinks it divided the party. She had volunteered to “campaign and help out this year,” but now she’s going to protest by doing nothing (thanks, Ann Raber):

I will absolutely not vote for a Republican candidate. But as I have said many times before, I cannot, in good conscience vote for Obama. It goes against too much of what I strongly believe in and goes against too many of my principles for me to even consider it. A vote for him would be a vote against my own self, and I cannot do that and keep my head held high.

[…] I will absolutely not engage in all the campaigning and volunteering I was so excited to be able to do b/c finally here we were, ready to take back the WH from the worst president in the history of the US. I was ready to fight. The DNC doesn’t care and even has had the nerve to ask me for money. No.

It’s not clear whether Gisele won’t vote in November or whether she’ll opt for a third-party candidate. Neither she nor Manny seems likely to heed Clinton’s call to vote for Obama.


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  2. hear hear. Gisele voices my thoughts exactly. i won’t be voting in November. i don’t support obama. i’ve thought about it a lot and i cannot in good conscience vote for him. luckily i am an independent, so i don’t feel obligated to vote the party line. just call me a conscientious objector

    By jeena on Jun 24, 2008

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