Military McCain

Posted by Katherine | June 13, 2008 – 10:51 am

John McCain isn’t shy about highlighting his Vietnam service in his campaign. In this sign, photographed by New Orleanian and “drain on society” M Styborski, you can see it doubly: in the military-esque star of McCain’s campaign logo and in the choice of the word “honor.” Styborski caught the sign at a McCain rally in Louisiana earlier this month. (Hat tip to Ann Raber.)

McCain sign: Honor
[M Styborski / Flickr]

People do seem to be interested in McCain’s military background — at least judging anecdotally from some recent Hanoi Hilton photos on Flickr. Ccsoto recorded the flight suit and helmet he was wearing when captured, which are on display at the museum. She’s skeptical, though, that they’re really his. (Thanks, Ann Raber.)

McCain’s uniform
[ccsoto / Flickr]

Misa Dayson also found an interesting photo of the prison interior taken by Michigander and retired medical librarian Kathy.


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