Obama with Pals in Windows

Posted by Katherine | June 19, 2008 – 10:00 am

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to feature this photo of Obama and the Orange Monster, but oddly enough there hasn’t been a relevant news peg. Paired with the second photo, though, it might be the start of a series: Obama with pals in windows.

Steve Portigal is a design consultant. And get this: he also has a Museum of Foreign Groceries. It’s not clear where he took this picture or what it’s all about. (Thanks, Ann Raber.)

Drawings of Obama and orange monster in window
[steve.portigal / Flickr]

M. Jeremy Goldman doesn’t do “art photos” but doesn’t seem to mind taking pictures of art. This one shows a piece of Chicago’s Flatiron Building. He explains that the lower floors are artist lofts and that “this particular section was devoted to paintings of famous Illinois politicians” in April 2007. He assumes the Obama-Lincoln pairing is meant to symbolize the passing of a torch but feels “Obama’s impact remains to be seen.”

Paintings of Obama and Lincoln in window
[incendiarymind / Flickr]

No connection or torch passing intended here in the pairing of Lincoln and Monster.

[Update 20 June 08: Steve Portigal says the Orange Monster lives in Pacifica, CA. (See his comment.)]


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  2. Obama and his alien friend are in window of a house near the beach in Pacifica, CA.

    By Steve Portigal on Jun 19, 2008

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