Bake Sale for Barack

Posted by Katherine | June 25, 2008 – 9:33 pm

The very day that expressed some alarm at Obama’s support of the FISA bill, it also persevered with a “Hungry for Change” Obama bake sale. Cookies were made and sold across the country, from New York City to Missoula, Montana. (Thanks, Sue Salinger and Ann Raber.)

In Austin, Texas, Cara Mosier created these impressive logos. The missing cookie was stolen by someone named Payton. (Hat tip to Sue Salinger.)

Obama logo cookies
[cara75 / Flickr]

If your dog is feeling left out, there’s this less partisan selection of yoghurt-frosted canine delights — peanut-butter flavor. Susan Brammer, apparent dog lover, captured the treats. (Thanks, Ann Raber.)

Elephant and donkey dog cookies
[susanjbrammer / Flickr]

For McCain fans, Flickr has less to offer in the bake-sale department. If you’re up for some home baking, though, you could always try Cindy McCain’s controversial cookie recipe, which looks rather tasty.

[Update 1 July 08: You can find the dog biscuits at The Natural Pet Market in Wheaton, Illinois. (See Susan Brammer’s comment.)]


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  2. These cookies have been a big hit this summer at The Natural Pet Market in Wheaton, Illinois.
    My husband who has a dog bakery, creates these delicious dog cookies that are sold in this store, as well as several local festivals. They’ve outsold the republican elephant cookies by far. Maybe an indication of the election results in November? Please link to, these items are not cuurently on the website but can be purchased in the store! Thanks!

    By Susan Brammer on Jul 1, 2008

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