McCain on the Web

Posted by Katherine | June 26, 2008 – 10:38 am

It’s harder to find good pro-McCain stuff out in webland. It just is. We resisted admitting that for a while, and we search diligently, but it simply seems to be true. Especially when it comes to creative art, citizen ads, and funny videos. Whether this has something to do with web demographics, McCain’s primary fight ending long before Obama’s, the momentum of the side that represents a change, or something else entirely, we have no idea.

BallotVox regular David McMillan, a Los Angeles filmmaker, screenwriter, and clever vlogger, notes in the second half of this clip that he searches daily for videos made by funny Republicans. (Thanks, Sarolta Cump.) He isn’t having much luck. He pleads with them to do better. We’d love it if they did.

The onset of the general-election campaign may help McCain’s web quota. This photo (hat tip to Ann Raber) was taken the day after Obama secured the Democratic nomination, when attention shifted from Hillary/Barack to the next stage of the race. It shows a choice of McCain buttons on the streets of New Orleans. The photographer, Derek Bridges, has lived in NOLA for the last ten years, and he’s busily recording many corners of it.

McCain buttons in New Orleans
[dsb nola / Flickr]

Check out the gigantic version of the photo to read what the buttons actually say.


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