Litter (aka Carbon) Offsets

Posted by Katherine | July 9, 2008 – 3:40 pm

Sarolta Cump found this one. It’s a sendup of carbon offsets — the idea that you can neutralize your CO2 footprint by purchasing an equivalent amount of renewable energy, reforestation, etc. Offsets are controversial, and they figure somewhat differently in the McCain and Obama climate plans.

The video stars Remy from Virginia, in multiple guises. His happy Native American character at the end seems to be a parody within the parody — a cousin of the sadder hero from this “Keep America Beautiful” ad (hat tip to John Barth).

Remy also considers less serious topics. In fact he raps about pretty much anything, including eggs over easy.

[Update 9 July 08: If you’d like to watch some cheekier carbon-offset satire, Genevieve Sponsler just reminded me that James Mills found this probutcool gem: Cheat Neutral. A project that allows you to cheat on your spouse/partner, guilt-free.]


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