Campaign HQs in Second Life

Posted by Katherine | July 9, 2008 – 4:17 pm

If you’re a political junkie and you spend your days in Second Life, don’t worry: you’re only a few clicks away from your favorite candidate’s headquarters. Sophia Yates recently filmed her tour of the Clinton, Obama, and McCain camps. The video is a tad long, but it’s too trippy to pass up. (Thanks, Sue Salinger.)

Sophia says, “It was late when i filmed so of course you dont see the presence of supporters there except for a die hard at Mcains which I was very pleased to see.” Presumably the meatspace HQs are more populated with people and pizza crusts.


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  2. I always wondered what Second Life was like, so this was a great window into it. It’s also really interesting to see how different each campaign headquarters is and all the different posters and decorations in each. It gives you a window into what people think about their personalities (and interior design tastes).

    By Genevieve on Jul 9, 2008

  3. Thanks Genevieve. I was just trying to show that there was a political presence in Second life. It is interesting to see how people design thier sims or just create things in there.

    Im trying to film as much of a variety of subjects. Like yes political folks share thier agenda on platforms as SL.

    Ive met people who supported Clinton who held concerts ( Live Streams) at her headquarters and I found that the aussies liked her and other foreign folks. Its funny to see a bunch of avatars group together for such a thing.

    I met someone from the Obama Camp also who in Real life works for the Obama Campaign. Very passionate person fromChicago and sincere.

    At McCains HQs I met one person but they seem to be very active there also.

    John Edwards and Ron Paul were also very present. So Second life isnt just a bunchof wierdos running around in funny costumes having virtual sex all the time.

    Theres so much going on there that
    I havent seen it all yet. Artist r promoting themselves. Ive known people to have commisioned work for real life from the exposure they have recieved in SL.

    Performers being heard from streaming thier music live which in there thier voices are being heard world wide.

    Architects showing thier designs and programmers showcasing thier talents and actually being hired for real life jobs.

    Landscape architects and interior designers are very big there.

    Plays are being heard and acted out in SL. Theres just such great potential to it and then there are the downfalls like everything on the internet.

    But overall its good when the actual game is running stable.

    You will find organizations promoting thier agendas. Cancer research groups and environmentalist down to human rights groups are all present there. Not to mention that real life companies r there also meeting and displaying thier products.

    You can even see a virtual soccer game, wrestling match, car race hehe its just to funny to see sometimes.

    But one major element that is so important that i have found is that I know of many second life residents who are disabled and homebound that it is unfortunatly the only connection to the outside world for them.

    They get to talk to people from all over the world. If they cant walk they can experience virtual flying and walking which makes them feel free. Its a very theraputic tool for a lot of people.

    I know of some people who had cancer and spent again unfortunalty thier last days on Second life. They shared thier souls in ther art and left it for us to appreciate what we have.

    Im not disabled or homebound or mentally ill. i was a graphics engineer for many years and a photographer and as a stay at home mother I enjoy Second life as a creative outlet.

    I may dump on Second life now and then because you have to have a lot of patience to play it. Beleive it or not for those who dont have a background in technology like this its very hard to navigate. You can do it but it takes time.

    I know some people who have said they make a 6 figure of the few but it can be done.

    The world is literally in Second life. People who r extermly talented and know that in there thier exposure is probably the greatest they will ever get without cost to most.

    So why not politicians using it for a politacal venue. It may not be always an official HQs but it educational and informative.

    Thats another thing. People from all over the world are creating virtual educational institutions. Education is a vbigthing there. So besides all you hear as far as the sex and violence or financial crooks present in SL. Well if its present in the real world you can bet its present in a virtual world.

    so I wonder around looking to film characters, locations or special events when i can and yes they are a tad bit long. Sorry I cant help myself.

    I hope you enjoyed the film and sorry about the long novel.

    Sophia Yates

    PS: If I mispelled anything lol thats my signature. Cheers!

    By Sophia on Jul 10, 2008

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