Praise for Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama

Posted by Katherine | July 11, 2008 – 2:25 pm
Cindy McCain
In Prescott, AZ [PaisleyPitbull / Flickr]
Michelle Obama with supporter
In Kalispell, MT [TiAmoComeSei / Flickr]

Here’s a quick antidote to the snark about drug addiction and baby mamas: some thoughtful accolades for Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama.

RightwingSparkle lives in Texas. At 20, she was a Democratic feminist Baptist, and now she’s a Republican pro-life Catholic who counts Ronald Reagan as one of her heroes. She recognizes that Cindy McCain “isn’t perfect” but respects her for learning from her mistakes (thanks, Ann Raber):

In life we all fall. We either pick ourselves up and become better or we just keep falling. Cindy McCain picked herself up and became one whom we can all admire.

We can talk all day about this war and whether we are for it or against it, but in Cindy’s case, she knows what it is to have a child in Iraq. She bears the cost. Her loyalty isn’t political. She may have lived a life of privilege that most of us will never know, but she has also lived a life of grief, pain, heartache, worry, and loneliness that all of us do know.

PreciousGem-Refinement In Progress writes a fan letter directly to Michelle Obama and signs off as “Another Passionate Black Woman” (thanks again, Ann Raber):

You are literally saying to every young black girl in America, heck in the world (because they’re watching too), “yes you can have it all” (your faith, the education, a successful career/business, a good man, children) and still maintain your integrity and sense of self. Being a strong black woman is tough, I know. […] You walk the fine line between femininity and strength, passion and temperance and I doubt that you would have made it this far in your career and personal endeavors or even kept the interest of a man like Barak Obama had you been weak, passive, “only seen and not heard” or anything short of the dynamic woman that you are. I am watching you and taking notes.

Michelle and Cindy may not be on the ballot, but they’re in a vicious popularity contest.


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