David Remnick and Rebekah the Ron Paul Twin

Posted by Ann | July 18, 2008 – 11:32 am

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It is frequently remarked that politics makes strange bedfellows. Well, last week New Yorker editor David Remnick and Ron Paul Twin Rebekah, two media figures who would be hard pressed to have less in common, found themselves in similar positions. Both Remnick and Rebekah were called out to explain their respective satire about the Obama campaign.

Remnick went on record with the Huffington Post to explain that, no, the cartoon on the magazine’s cover (you know the one) was not intended literally. He elaborated: “The fact is, it’s not a satire about Obama - it’s a satire about the distortions and misconceptions and prejudices about Obama.”

A few weeks earlier, Rebekah had uploaded a video in which she took on the persona of a witless Obama supporter. Known to her YouTube followers for her devotion to Ron Paul, she claimed to support Obama after Paul’s withdrawal from the race for a variety of (progressively funnier) reasons:

Rebekah was inundated with emails over her hypocrisy. Baffled at the failure of her humor to carry, she got back in front of the camera to assure her fans that she does not support Obama:

It would seem that Rebekah’s and Remnick’s facetious sensibilities backfired on them in what is, apparently, a rather sensitive political climate. It was a tough week in political satire, but in the end The New Yorker has all due respect for Obama, and Rebekah supports the Constitution Party candidate.


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