French and Taiwanese Obamamania

Posted by Katherine | July 18, 2008 – 3:47 pm

Barack Obama heads to Europe and the Middle East this weekend. It looks like he may receive some friendly greetings in Iraq, but it seems fairly certain he’ll be welcomed warmly in Europe, where a vigorous strain of Obamamania has taken hold. Exhibit A: this ad for a 100-page special edition of the magazine Courrier International — devoted entirely to Obama’s “Revolution”: to his political journey, his ideas, his networks. Jeremydoty spotted the poster in a Paris kiosk just a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks, Sue Salinger.)

Ad for Obama magazine in Paris
[jeremydoty / Flickr]

According to violetjules, Taiwan also “loves and is constantly inspired by Obama.” Some quick googling didn’t turn up much to confirm or deny this (though this piece looked promising, but the download seems to be dysfunctional). In any case, this banner in Taipei says, according to violetjules, “let Obama show you English’s charm.” (Thanks, James Mills.)

Taiwan Obama banner advertising English class
[violetjules / Flickr]

Would you bet that the banner has increased or decreased enrollment?


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