More on Church-Vote Separation

Posted by Katherine | July 18, 2008 – 6:37 pm
Church polling place
[Garrettc / Flickr]

This is a sidebar to Ann’s post about evangelical Christians who think religion and politics may be oil and water. RDemocrat blogs at BlueGrassRoots with other Kentucky Democrats. A Christian who believes firmly that religion and politics shouldn’t mix, s/he was upset to see — in Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger — Democrats using the pulpit politically (thanks, Misa Dayson):

Why are Democrats so openly and unapoligetically preaching politics, and slandering other Democrats in a church? Shouldn’t this forum be used to celebrate Christ, his life, and his teachings, and not press a political view?

[…] [W]hether you agree with me or not, at least I am consistent. I thought it was terrible when churches in the last two Presidential elections told their congregations to vote for Bush, and I think it is just as bad when Democrats drag politics into the house of God.

Dennis, a commenter on RDemocrat’s post, agrees that preachers shouldn’t tell you who to vote for but feels that social and political issues come up naturally in church and that the “problem comes when preachers cross the line between issues and candidates.”


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