Media Follows Obama, Not McCain, Abroad

Posted by Katherine | July 18, 2008 – 7:14 pm
Clown holding camera
Media circus [Taz etc. / Flickr]

Political Lizard would like you to know that John McCain’s recent trips abroad didn’t generate anything like the media circus that will soon surround Obama in Europe and the Middle East. Obama will be shadowed by all three nightly news anchors: Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and Charlie Gibson. Political Lizard believes this confirms that mainstream media is “in the tank” for Barack (thanks, Sarolta Cump):

It is guaranteed to be a grotesque display of Obama idolatry masquerading as journalism. Katie, Brian, and Charlie are all tingly in anticipation of the large crowds they are sure will be there to greet the magnificent Obama at every stop. With backdrops in historic locales and adoring audiences, each of the three masters of vapidity are ready to kick their bias into full gear in order to make sure that all Americans know just how much their favorite candidate is loved overseas. […]

What we are seeing here is nothing less than the three anchors becoming active participants in the Obama campaign. They have decided to travel with their candidate in an effort to promote him on a global scale, and in doing so, they use their networks as a vehicle to provide free campaign ads for Obama.

Of course media scrutiny can be a huge liability, too.


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