McCain and Obama Bumper Stickers

Posted by Katherine | July 21, 2008 – 5:47 pm

James Mills just turned up these two bumper stickers. The first, from Moltron 3030, was taken on a farewell tour of Eugene (Oregon?), where she and her friend Lizz (featured here) have lived since 2004:

Pro-McCain bumper sticker
[Moltron 3030 / Flickr]

DottComments lives in Louisville, Kentucky, likes the Rolling Stones, and apparently needs nitrous oxide when she gets her teeth cleaned. She says, “I promised I would support and work for Barack Obama so this is what my car bumper looks like today”:

Half-heartedly pro-Obama bumper sticker
[dotcomments / Flickr]

Work for Obama perhaps, but not without showing that he’s her second choice.


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