Felon Disenfranchisement

Posted by Katherine | August 5, 2008 – 1:55 pm

Despite the general excitement about high voter turnout rates in this election — even among youth — it’s good to remember that over five million Americans (as of 2004) can’t vote even if they want to. Because they’re convicted felons. Depending on what state they live in, they may be ineligible to vote during imprisonment, on probation, and even as ex-offenders. Opponents of felon disenfranchisement argue that the practical result is Jim Crow-esque: blacks and Hispanics end up being disproportionately denied voting rights.

Noirartist — one such opponent — expands here on the social impact of this kind of disenfranchisement (thanks, Sarolta Cump):

In this video (which is cool4pro and made for Current TV), you can see two people with prior felony convictions argue that they have in fact turned their lives around and deserve the right to vote (hat tip again to Sarolta Cump).


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