Obama in Berlin

Posted by Katherine | August 5, 2008 – 4:48 pm

Rather behind the news on this one, but it seemed worth noting the huge number of Barack/Berlin photos that have shown up on Flickr since Obama’s foreign-policy speech in Germany on July 24th. Here are a few of the ones we found last week.

Gregory Donovan, “Educator, Agitator, Aggregator” from Brooklyn, recorded the media buildup in this shop window:

Obama books and magazines in Berlin shop window
[cyberenviro / Flickr]

There was also pre-speech street art. Duchess_of_candied_a pples took this picture of Obama as Superman’s alter-ego: Bizarro No. 1. Bizarre indeed that Bizarro is white and crackled:

Obama street art in Berlin
[duchess_of_candied_appl es / Flickr]

On to the speech. “International Man of Mystery” Kai from Copenhagen recorded the 200,000-plus crowd waiting for Obama to arrive:

Crowd watching Obama in Berlin
[.Kai / Flickr]

From Gregory Donovan again, this great shot of Obama at the podium at the base of the Victory Column in the Tiergarten:

Obama at podium in Berlin
[cyberenviro / Flickr]

R.F. Miller from Berlin by way of Decorah, Iowa, captured this jaunty — and, according to R.F. Miller, lone — McCain supporter. (Many others photographed the McCain umbrella as well — thanks, James Mills.)

McCain supporter at Obama speech in Berlin
[rf.miller / Flickr]

Among the variety of protesters, New-York-clothing-designer-in-Berlin Vain and Vapid recorded this woman with her anti-war sign:

Anti-Afghanistan-war protester in Berlin
[Vain and Vapid / Flickr]

Finally, the memorabilia. A button to take home, as seen by herr_muenchen:

Obamafest button
[herr_muenchen / Flickr]

Nice presentation — of the beer and the button.


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  2. My brother David and I made those Obamafest buttons and hired Americans living in Germany to sell them at the rally! Those buttons came all the way from our living room in St. Louis, Missouri! :-)

    By Angela Brown on Nov 4, 2008

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