Don’t “Vote Stupid”

Posted by Katherine | August 11, 2008 – 2:21 pm

McCain’s dubious new attack mode seems a good intro to several pieces lamenting false rumors and negative campaigning.

Two Chicago comedian bloggers — John T. Kramer and Aaron Sjoholm — have created a small video series called “Don’t Vote Stupid!” Their aim: disuading people from “voting on stupid stuff (like how a candidate parts his or her hair).” Here’s the first episode. It combats hearsay about McCain and Obama’s “foreignness.” (Thanks, Sarolta Cump.)

Tracy is a music grad student in Arlington, Virginia, who’s discovering her inner political wonk. She’s sick of the “crap our politicians spew” and reacts here to McCain’s ad blaming Obama for rising gas prices (thanks, Ann Raber):

I wish the candidates would stop the gamesmanship and just speak about what’s really on their minds. Fact: most Americans get their news from the TV and the Internet now. With ads like these it’s no wonder our voters becoming more and more stupid. My head might implode the first time someone spouts “facts” from this ad to me as a reason to vote McCain. Vote McCain. Vote Obama. Do what you think is right. Just make sure you are voting based on actual facts and not a load of crap like this.

Wickle comes from a southern Air Force family and is a Christian who doesn’t “do partisan.” Although “not a supporter of the Republican candidate,” s/he devoted a post two months ago to non-smear strategies for defeating Obama (thanks, Ann Raber):

The best thing that people can do if they want to beat Sen. Obama at this point is make sure that they don’t do anything that looks like a baseless smear. Don’t get paranoid.

Deal in fact.

Right or wrong, it’s pretty clear that the guilt-by-association strategy isn’t going to work. Conservative commentators are trying to bash Obama for so many different associations — but it’s not sticking. […]

If you want to win this election, get serious about issues. Talk specifics about tax policy, Iraq, foreign trade, health care, immigration, or something. Explain why you think his policies will be bad for the country, because he’s doing a darn good job of selling why change is good for the country.

If the Republicans’ plan to beat Sen. Obama in the general election is to bash him repeatedly, then Michelle might as well start getting her inauguration gown fitted now, and avoid the rush.

It would be nice if Wickle were right in general about fact trumping fiction. Fiction has a pretty good political resume, though…


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  2. Well, I’ll give you that fact … stupid “issues” do have a pretty good record. However, they don’t seem to be doing so well this time around.

    Since the McCain campaign decided to ignore my advice and ran with the “celebrity” ad, I think that Paris Hilton might be looking more Presidential than Sen. McCain.

    By Wickle on Aug 11, 2008

  3. Thanks for the shout-out on my “Don’t Vote Stupid” series. There are times when I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness on this issue, so its nice to know some other folk agree with me on this one. I just posted a slightly different take on the election today:

    Hope you like it!


    By John Kramer on Aug 12, 2008

  4. Hi Wickle — It’s hard to know, but some do think that ad in particular has had some effect (see here).

    By Katherine on Aug 12, 2008

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