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Posted by Katherine | August 11, 2008 – 3:05 pm
Bobby Jindal on Fox TV
Bobby Jindal on Fox [Maitri Venkat-Ramani / Flickr]

Ravi is an 18-year-old guest blogger at the South Asian American group blog Sepia Mutiny. He’ll be at the Democratic convention and is gearing up for it by thinking about the healthy desi youth interest in this election (hat tip to volunteer curator Roshan Abraham):

[M]y personal experience has shown that South Asian youth involvement has grown far more this election year. The Obama campaign, in particular, has inspired young desis (including myself) to volunteer, campaign, opine, and raise awareness about the importance of this year’s election. His story, as the son of an immigrant father from Kenya who has risen to be Senator and now Democratic Nominee, could be the story of an Indian-American candidate at some time in the future.

Another campaign, however, had also generated considerable enthusiasm from young South Asians, and that was libertarian Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Youth who are tired of reckless foreign intervention and misguided government spending have turned to Paul’s staunchly principled libertarian campaign as an ideal of what a true principled politician, and America, could stand for. The campaign had an Indian-American at the forefront of its grassroots effort […]

In my experience, many older immigrants have come from a subcontinent where political corruption is the norm, and it is often more effective to make a difference in society from outside the government. They pass on this ethic to their children, encouraging hard work, a successful commercial career, and giving back through charitable work and volunteerism. These are all, for the most part, excellent lessons to impart to young people, but the stories of Bobby Jindal, Ashwin Madhia, and other desis are showing young South Asians such as myself that one can truly affect change (for better or worse) through politics and government in this country.

The first comment on Ravi’s post says, “ravi, hope you are president one day.”


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