Homeland-Security Street Art

Posted by Katherine | August 14, 2008 – 2:31 pm

Hat tip to Sarolta Cump for all of these Homeland-Security finds. Some of the photos were taken before the presidential race got going, but they present issues that have very much carried through into the campaign.

First: John Ryan Brubaker from Portland, Oregon, captured this street commentary a couple of years ago in Oakland, California, possibly when he was still living there.

Mural in Oakland
[jrbrubaker / Flickr]

Christopher Busta-Peck is a Baltimore librarian who likes bookbinding, woodworking, and easter box turtles. He’s about to move to Cleveland. This picture is from 2006 in Annapolis, Maryland:

Graffiti on pay phone
[Christopher Busta-Peck / Flickr]

Any thoughts on what that graphic is?

Robot_zombie_monkey may have just moved to Nashville from Portland, Oregon, where she took this picture. She says, “[M]ost of these posters were gone within hours of being pasted up. This particular one managed to hang on for almost two days.”

Poster protesting Dept Homeland Security
[robot_zombie_monkey / Flickr]

Click here if you’re having a hard time reading the text on the poster.

Derek Purdy from Ancaster, Ontario, is 25 and enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, and skiing. Also photography. Two years ago, somewhere in the “Good Old USA,” he spotted this sign:

Sign showing threat level
[Derek Purdy / Flickr]

Really? One of the cashier’s jobs is to offer a full update as you pay for your orange juice?


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