Another Reaction to Saddleback Church Forum

Posted by Katherine | August 20, 2008 – 4:32 pm
Sign outside Saddleback
Outside Saddleback Church [Bjarne B. Sunde / Flickr]

Kate Stone writes an eponymous blog, and, unlike Erica, she was happy to miss the whole Saddleback frenzy while she was camping in New Mexico. She was curious to catch up on it at the end of her trip, though. After meeting a fresh-faced Obama fan, she says she felt “jaded and old” because she couldn’t help seeing “politics as usual” in Obama’s decision to accept Warren’s interview (thanks, Misa Dayson):

Obama […] chose to have a televised discussion with a man of faith who hates homosexuals and is opposed to a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her own pregnancy.

Remember when candidate GW Bush went to speak at Bob Jones University and liberals when balistic? No such fireworks from liberals with Barack Obama spending time with Rick Warren..

What is the difference here?

Democrats want to win. […]

Some liberals are arguing that Christian fundamentalists can no longer be ignored by the Democratic Party. If the Democrats want to win, they say, the DNC must actively reach out to Evangelicals and invite them into the Big Tent.

At what cost?

Howard Dean, who has been a disappointment to gay men and lesbians as head of the DNC, is avidly pursuing the Evangelical vote. Down the road the Dean strategy may result in the Party giving up some of its basic liberal tenets and that could have combustible results for the future.

Chances are Kate won’t feel any less jaded by November.


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