Protesters and Activists at Saddleback

Posted by Katherine | August 21, 2008 – 1:01 pm

There may not have been many people protesting the fact of the Saddleback Church forum, but activists outside the church were certainly fired up about the candidates and issues.

From (hat tip to Sue Salinger), here’s a Bush (and, in smaller print, McCain) supporter:

Pro-Bush and McCain sign
[ / Flickr] also captured this Obama-masked, anti-offshore-drilling, pro-bike activist (thanks again, Sue Salinger):

Anti-offshore-drilling activist
[ / Flickr]

Via James Mills, here’s a tattooed anti-(Iran)war protester. (Here he is again in a photo found by Sue Salinger that says he’s Carlos Oceguedo, 22 years old, and a tattoo artist.) The picture was taken by OCPetPhotos (aka Sarah Hunt), who specializes in, yep, pet photos and has seven cats of her own.

Anti-Iran-war activist
[OCPetPhotos / Flickr]

Also from Sarah Hunt via James Mills, this Obama supporter who questions one of the standard tropes of patriotism:

Questioning blind patriotism
[OCPetPhotos / Flickr]

And, again from Sarah Hunt and found by James Mills, these playful (photoshopped?) red-white-and-blue shadows:

Shadows of protesters
[OCPetPhotos / Flickr]

Damon D’Amato caught these anti-gay-marriage activists (hat tip again to James Mills):

Anti-gay-marriage activists
[NoHoDamon / Flickr]

And finally, in a bit of humor, again from Damon D’Amato via James Mills, McCain and Obama as two of the Three Stooges:

Obama and McCain as two stooges
[NoHoDamon / Flickr]

Who’s the third?

Click here to see more pictures from the Saddleback rallies and protests.


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