McCain and Obama “Reading Lists”

Posted by Katherine | August 21, 2008 – 1:09 pm

Google just came up with another innovation: Google Reader reading lists from the McCain and Obama camps. Silver Smith provides a nice screenshot of the announcement on Google’s homepage (thanks, Sue Salinger):

Screenshot of Google homepage
[Si1very / Flickr]

Google claims the feeds allow you to “read what they read, and see what’s on their minds as they share and discuss news.” How cool would it be if the Readers really did show what the candidates were reading (well, McCain perhaps in, er, printout form)? Unsurprisingly that doesn’t seem to be the case. Both feature only positive articles clearly packaged by PR. Bummer. Ha, come to think of it, these Readers may be a better reflection of what the other candidate is actually reading. In other words: McCain is probably dogging the pro-Obama coverage and vice versa.


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