Crowd in Springfield, Illinois

Posted by Katherine | August 25, 2008 – 4:54 pm

Flickr is amazing sometimes. Today we found great shots of Saturday’s first Obama-Biden rally in Springfield, Illinois. Lots of citizens with a good eye wielding cameras out there. This photo by Bradjward is a quick preview; we’ll feature more tomorrow. It shows part of the 35,000-strong crowd in front of the Old State Capitol. If you look closely, you can see security on the roof.

Crowd in front of Old State Capitol
[bradjward / Flickr]

To watch that crowd assembling and dispersing, check out this cool time-lapse video (made by the local paper).


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  2. And a Google Alert for my name brings me back to full circle at your site. :) Glad you enjoyed the pictures! Take care.


    By Bradjward on Aug 25, 2008

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