Farewell, Fair Tax

Posted by Katherine | March 5, 2008 – 7:19 pm

Dollar bill autographed by Huckabee
[trialkat / Flickr]

This picture by trialkat was taken at a Fair Tax rally in Jacksonville, FL, where Mike Huckabee played his bass. The boy is holding a dollar bill autographed by Huckabee, and the photo seemed a fitting adieu to the candidate, who, after last night’s primaries, conceded the GOP nomination to John McCain. This leaves all hopes of abolishing the IRS in the hands of Ron Paul.

It also saddles Ron Paul with responsibility for the evolution/creation debate. You can watch a young Christian boy wrestling with evolution (in a response to a Huckabee video) here — video not embedable.

Caleb — seminary student, soldier, and sad Huckabee supporter — mourns the end of Huckabee’s campaign and credits it with getting him politically involved for the first time:

I listened to his concession speech and I was again struck with the humility the man has. Mike Huckabee understood that it was not the support of the Republican establishment, gobs of money, and the backing of the talking heads that got him to March 4, 2008. His speech was basically a long thank you to his supporters and family. The speech was the most graceful and heartfelt concession speech I have ever heard and he deserves credit for the way he conducted himself. […]

Personally, I am very grateful for Mike Huckabee. I had never before contributed to a political campaign. I had never before attended political rallies. Mike Huckabee motivated me to be more involved in this election than I ever have before. He was pro-life and pro-family. He supported my 2nd Amendment rights. He had an immigration plan that made sense. He supported strengthening and building up the military. He supported a complete overhaul of the tax system through the FairTax. He had the freshest ideas and the best approach to the Presidency of any of the candidates.

Surely Huckabee would be proud.


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