Biden Takes a Bite

Posted by Katherine | August 26, 2008 – 4:24 pm
Biden on a screen in Springfield
Biden speaking in Springfield [aka Kath / Flickr]

McCain is now ahead of Obama in the national polls, and one of Joe Biden’s new roles — at least judging by his Springfield speech — is to play bad cop to counter McCain’s recent offensive.

Mary, who lives “in a Blue State, in a Red State of mind” and who likes the book Goodnight Moon, called Biden on one of his Springfield attacks:

Did you hear him say that the economy has been wrecked by “four, uh, eight years” of Bush/ McCain?

As a senator, what power did McCain have that Biden didn’t during those eight years?

He should have said, “Bush/ McCain/ Biden.”

What did Biden do during his time in the Senate to help the economy?

For two years, the Dems have been in control of the legislative branch of our government.

What legislation did Biden and his comrades enact?

Some places to start looking for answers: here’s Biden’s recent voting record on issues relevant to the middle class; and here’s the legislation he has sponsored so far in the 110th Congress (2007-2008).


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