Ted Kennedy’s Convention Speech

Posted by Katherine | August 28, 2008 – 10:25 am
Ted Kennedy speaking at convention
[rklau / Flickr]

Lots of emotion out there surrounding Kennedy’s determination to speak at the convention despite his illness. Carrie from Reston, Virginia, was also moved by his commitment to service that was highlighted in the tribute video:

One of the parts that hit me from this video was the statement that Senator Kennedy feels he has a moral obligation to make this world a better place. Although that may sound cliche, I believe he actually does act on this obligation that he feels. […] This way of thinking, of having the mindset that serving others both here and abroad is an obligation rather than choice, is definitely challenging to me. […]

I’m sure everyone has their opinions about Senator Kennedy, the mistakes he’s made, the opinons that he has, and the votes that he’s made. But hopefully we can all look at him as another human being and be gracious and loving, and understand that he has been fighting for what he believes is best for people in this country. Perhaps if people on both sides of the aisle looked at one another with this kind of attitude, a lot more would get done in Washington.

Carrie especially liked the part of the video that showed what Kennedy has done for the troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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