McCain Picks Palin

Posted by Katherine | August 29, 2008 – 3:06 pm
Sarah Palin in Alaska
In Alaska [triciaward / Flickr]

Impeccably timed to eclipse the Obama-convention-speech headlines, McCain has chosen Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin as the GOP’s vice-presidential candidate. Archbishop Cranmer, who blogs about religion and politics with sixteenth-century wisdom, feels this spells “Barack who?”:

Governor Palin is a Protestant Evangelical Christian. Moreover, she is strongly ‘pro-life’, not like the à la carte Catholic Joe Biden who supports abortion. It will be difficult for any ‘pro-choice’ group to attack her on this, not least because she lives every day with the very real difficulties of bringing up a Down’s child – a child which the vast majority of pro-choicers would have denied the right to life. And not only is she pro-life; she is pro-marriage, hunts, fishes, and enjoys dog sledding and drilling for oil. […]

A female Republican VP candidate is every bit as progressive as a the Democrats’ Afro-American presidential candidate. Both give a nod to the next generation, and both are the embodiment of change. She neutralises the Obama ‘minority’ narrative, and also neutralises his youth appeal. She is three years younger than Senator Obama but, unlike him, she has executive branch experience: she heads a highly successful state government and maintains personal approval ratings in excess of 80 per cent.

Cranmer is convinced that this will assure John McCain of victory in November. Not least because her candidacy rather trumps Senator Biden’s bid for the Catholic vote, the majority of which went to President Bush in 2004.

Pretty savvy for an Englishman from the 1500s.


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  2. You’ve got to be kidding. She’s a terrible choice. With her right-wing views she is completely out of sync with the vast majority of American women. And she is completely lacking in experience, political or legislative. Women are not going to vote for her strictly on her gender, that’s a ridiculous idea. And what kind of mother could she be, running for VP when she has a newborn? Sorry, no thanks.

    By Mary on Aug 29, 2008

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