The Bidens at the Convention

Posted by Katherine | August 30, 2008 – 12:04 pm
Biden speaking at convention
[talkradionews / Flickr]

We didn’t come across anything superquotable on Joe Biden’s convention speech in a first pass at Google Blog Search, but what we have is here, and we’ll add to the list if we find more. Lots of people seemed to be ‘fessing up online, though, that his son Beau Biden, whose job was to introduce his father, inspired tears. And that they suspect he has political ambition of his own. First Friday Collective, a conservative single-voice group blog based in DC notes sarcastically that soon-to-deploy Beau was a “good choice”; his brother, First Friday points out, is a lobbyist and might have “undercut” the general Obama/Biden message.


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